Smart Safety Program
Smart Management with Accident Reduction Technology
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Smart Safety Program
Our customers include hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. Their success speaks for itself.
Smart Safety Program


Smart Safety Program

Reduce Lost Time Accidents

The SMART Safety Program is more than just another safety management program. This comprehensive safety management and accident reduction program has been successfully used by thousands of Safety and Human Resource departments as an effective employee injury prevention and safety management tool. The results for these clients have been outstanding - with documented significant reductions in lost-time accidents and Workman’s Compensation claims.



The return on investment is many-fold.

Several benefits occur when a company reduces its accident rate and the number of Worker's Comp Claims:

  • Workman's Comp Premiums are reduced.
  • Time lost from the job is reduced, increasing productivity.
  • Employee morale is improved, increasing productivity.

Many companies have reported reducing their Workman's Compensation premiums 10's or even 100's of thousands of dollars a year.

Reduce Workers Comp Premiums  

Companies such as UPS, Walmart, Home Depot, Continental Airlines, Marriott Hotels, Fedex, Conagra, along with others too numerous to mention stay with us year after year.


55% : Percent of Fortune 500 companies that are our clients

$35,000,000: A single division of one of our clients spends this much on Workman's Comp Insurance each year

597 Days: # of days accident free at one of our clients plants since they started the program

2 MILLION HOURS - Number of man hours accident free at one facility since they started playing bingo for safety

10%: Average increase in Workmans Comp Insurance Premiums for companies NOT using the program

1.2 MILLION DOLLARS: OSHA fine of one company NOT using our program.

From 97 to 11 per year: Reduction in accidents at one of our clients plants.

Smart Safety Program
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